BB Glow Korean Skin Treatment is also called mesowhite treatment which uses nano-needling technology.

It is a kind of camouflage as it tackles skin imperfections. and is a promising substitute for the hectic routine of daily makeup foundation usage.

BB Glow Skin Treatment is the latest beauty trend. It is being adopted by the people who believe in flawless beauty and consider them a must to follow.

It gives a semi-permanent foundation look to the skin

This topic is all about BB Glow Skin treatment.

We will tell you everything about BB Glow Korean Skin Treatment.

Before going any deeper into this topic, let’s take a look at the list of the topics that this blog will cover.

We will discuss the following topics in this blog:

  • Introduction of Korean BB Glow skin treatment (Mesowhite treatment).
  • The Application procedure of BB Glow Skin treatment.
  • Origin and Basic requirements and Application procedures for BB Glow Skin treatment.
  • Health safety in BB Glow treatment.
  • Effects on the skin after getting treatment.
  • Aftercare methods to achieve the best results.
  • Korean BB Glow Skin Treatment and its FDA approval.
  • Korean BB Glow treatment Price.
  • Duration and Sustainability of BB Glow procedure.
  • Our hyper-realistic social media life.
  • The hype created by social media and Instagram hashtags.
  • Skin positivity

A Brief Introduction to BB Glow Korean Skin Treatment(A Meso-white treatment):

People worldwide including women in particular are fighting many health issues.

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These issues include:

1-Hormonal problems

2-Stress and Depression

3-U.V. rays

4-Aging factors

5-Our bad eating habits

6-Skin redness

7-Dark pores on the Skin

8-Hyperpigmentation, and many other skin issues.

BB Glow Korean Skin Treatment has proved itself successful by grabbing massive attention.

It is no doubt that BB Glow treatment is the most dreamt about treatment. Its brands are now introduced in the USA, Europe, and Russia.

Its massive popularity has made it one of the most loved and adopted treatments.

Origin of BB Glow Korean Skin Treatment:

B.B. glow is an anti-aging treatment from South Korea and Singapore. It has helped many women save much of their time by putting layers of foundations and filters.

They have achieved a naturally glowing complexion and the kind of skin they always wanted.

It has helped them in looking confident to the world.

What are the Basic Requirements and Application procedures for BB Glow Skin treatment?

What could be the possible ingredients of B.B. Serum?

It’s a blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and a nutrient-rich, strong-tinted serum. When this serum is in the top layer of the skin with the help of a derma-pen it gives a vibrant natural glow to your skin.

Derma pen in microneedling procedure

Does this method need any special conditions?


1-This method requires very advanced cutting-edge technology.

2-The derma scientists use micro needles to penetrate the B.B. serum in the skin.

3-This treatment requires intense care for its execution and a controlled environment.

Is BB Glow Korean Skin Treatment a painful method?

No! It’s painless. Despite using micro needles, this method is pain-free.

This pain-free method has made it even more and easy to go through.

The micro-needling technique used in this treatment is painless.

Women’s being treated with micro needling techniques

Is BB Glow Korean Skin Treatment a Safe method to adopt?

Yes! It’s a safe method with 100% FDA Approved natural Stayve (micro-needling serum) products.

Its micro-needling technique is harmless.

The needles do not go deeper into the skin and are only injected into the top layer to inject serum.

So the question arises What does BB Glow treatment do?

We will enlist all those problems resolved after getting B.B. Korean Skin treatment.

  • It enhances the natural production of collagen in the human body.
  • ·BB Glow serum contains all those ingredients that can fill the nutrient-void in the skin.
  • A natural baby tint adds to the skin and illuminates the skin. This tint causes the skin to restore its original youthful features.
  • This treatment frees women from the daily usage of foundations. It also reduces the freckles, dark circles, and hyperpigmentation of the skin.
  • It makes its consumer look younger by reducing aging signs and tire from the skin.
  • Renders skin free from oil production by reducing the pores in the skin. It makes the skin even more homogenous.
  • Removes all the skin flaws and gives the skin a porcelain look.
  • a semi-permanent foundation look.
  • The before and after the treatment effects usually surprise its consumers.

What are the aftercare methods to make this method an effective one?

It is usually recommended:

1- Not washing the face immediately after getting this treatment

2-Not doing makeup or any hard skincare routine

3- To avoid the use of scrubs for one week

4- Not to do exercise or any hard physical activity

5-Not taking baths for one week

6-To avoid going into intense sunlight (As U.V. Rays can harm the skin and disturb the process)

Is BB Glow Korean Skin Treatment FDA approved?

Yes! Its 100% FDA approved. A safe and painless procedure of almost 60 minutes that gives its consumers a soft and radiant look.

This treatment hails from Korea. A country where every woman uses natural products to maintain a natural look on their skin.

The Koreans introduced this method using Korean FDA-approved Stayve (micro-needling serum) products.

What is the Korean BB Glow treatment Price?

It can cost around $275-500 in European countries.

In Pakistan, it can cost around 15000 Pakistani Rupees(PKR).

How long does it take to get this treatment done, and for much time can its effects last?

It’s a one-hour-long treatment, and it takes 3-4 sessions to get the complete treatment. The effects of BB Glow Korean skin treatment can last for four months.

Is the Modern world demanding us to become hyper-realistic?

YES! Today, the world has become so artificial that we can’t even accept our bodies. We became the victims of the side effects of social media.

Now we can’t stay disconnected from the social media world without staying offline even for a day.

Why is Social media creating hype through Instagram hashtags?

Social Media has played a major role in making us worried about how we perceive beauty standards.

Our daily routine starts with waking up in the morning and getting a no-makeup look.

We use many make-up products and many filters. We then upload those hyper-realistic pictures throughout the day. showing our perfect skin and body

The unrealistic approach to living and surviving in the modern world will get us nowhere.

Beauty stigmas have affected the mental health of women.

It is the need of the hour to take serious actions to save our future generations. We should foster skin and body positivity.

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There comes a time in the life of everyone when we face the issues like:


2-Fine lines.

3-Uneven patchy skin tone.

4-Breakouts in the skin

5-Enlarged pores on the body


7-Under eye bags and many other skin issues

We cannot deny the importance of modern-day skin treatments and many skin ailments on the market can only delay the aging process to some extent.

We can get rid of these issues by taking a healthy diet and maintaining a moderate skincare routine.

Skin positivity:

BB Glow Korean Skin treatment has helped many.

We encourage our readers to accept their real skin.

Never feel demeaned or lesser than anyone.

Let’s spread this message of Skin Positivity.

Let’s cherish Skin positivity.

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