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HIFU Technology: An Anti-aging Miracle

Why are we always so much worried about our looks? How is HIFU Technology helping to revive our confidence? 

People all over the Globe are very much concerned about their looks. We look into the mirror daily and access our beauty. This kind of daily check and comparison with others has led to a never-ending worry about looks.

HIFU Technology uses High intensity-focused ultrasound energy for the natural production of collagen in the human body. HIFU has helped people in looking even better, younger and more confident. This Technology has given us unique treatments which are helping millions in resolving their skin and aging issues.

The age complex and our beauty standards.

Why do we not embrace aging? 

Aging is something that is usually not welcomed at its onset that’s because of the demand from the beauty industry.

Over the years, we have adopted specific standards of beauty.

These beauty standards have made us all run in a cat race of following any treatment that falls in the market.

Overview -Introduction of HIFU technology to the world.

Why HIFU only? Does HIFU offer a promising treatment?

There are a lot of treatments in the market that can help us to slow the age factor and enhance our looks. High-intensity focused ultrasound facial, shortly HIFU Facial, is a much better option for the above-stated issues. It helps to regain our younger skin.

All this happens without undergoing any surgical treatments like facelifts. Facelifts are usually painful and unreliable as compared to non-surgical treatments. 

Every year, our skin grows older and loses its freshness and tightness, because of which we have a younger look. 

There comes an age in everyone’s life when we are more concerned about our health than before.

At this point in our lives, we start looking for less expensive and pain-free skin treatments.

So here comes HIFU for our rescue as an advancement in cosmetic technology. HIFU has the potential to solve our many skin issues, including aging, through the natural production of collagen, which helps facial tissues’ elasticity.

With its excellent results, HIFU has already replaced facelift (surgical treatment for skin tightening).

HIFU Technology usage in Skin Treatments.

What is HIFU Treatment?

The skin experts use HIFU for the natural production of collagen. 

Collagen is a protein in our body that keeps our skin fresh, young and tight. This natural production of collagen by HIFU Treatment restores the tightness of facial tissues.

This treatment uses high-intensity focused ultrasound energy for tightening the saggy skin and helps in the removal of wrinkles as well. 

These high-intensity ultrasound waves promote the production of collagen, which helps in making the skin look firm and even younger than before. 

Why is HIFU recommended by the top aesthetic doctors in the world? OR what is the reason for the popularity of HIFU Technology?

The fame and benefits of HIFU Technology.

HIFU is a new name in the world of cosmetic medicine surgery. Then why is there so much talk about HIFU Technology in the world? 

Why is HIFU Technology famous? What are its benefits?

Many reasons became contributing factors to its fame. Below are some of the benefits of HIFU technology over treatments that became the reason for its fame:

  • HIFU Technology is famous for its quick results, which appear 3 to 4 months after getting the treatment.
  • HIFU facial gives long-lasting effects for a better and younger look
  • It is less expensive than surgical treatments.
  • It’s pain-free because of its non-surgical method of treatment.
  • It’s also valid for other skin issues like face lifting and contouring, removes signs of aging from the face, improves the skin tone and helps uplift skin from several areas of the face.
  • Above all, it’s a pain-free and non-surgical treatment that makes it easy to opt for treatment.
  • Its impressive results include wrinkle reduction and smothering of the skin, and it also helps remove the turtle neck.

The treatment procedure of HIFU Facial.

How do the aestheticians execute the HIFU Facial?

Before the aesthetician starts the treatment, the patient should follow the below listed precautionary measures:

  • The patient must remove all the layers of make-up OR any other thing applied on the skin before coming for treatment, particularly from the specific targeted areas of skin. In short, the targeted areas of the skin should be neat and clean.
  • Avoid using antibiotics for at least two weeks before the treatment starts.
hifu technology used in face lifting treatment
A women getting face lifting treatment

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After these measures, the dermatologist starts the actual procedure as follows:

  • Your aesthetic doctor will clean your skin. 
  • After cleaning, he will apply an anesthetic cream or a thin layer of ultrasound gel to the skin.
  • Local anesthesia is also done to avoid any serious injury.
  •  The dangerous ultrasound energy has proved to be a miracle in cosmetic medicine. This technology uses ultrasound energy to target the affected areas of the skin.
    According to a rough estimate, this procedure takes around 30-90 minutes.
  • After 30-90 minutes of the procedure doctor then removes the device from the skin.
Hifu technology in facial care
A women having facial care

Source: : https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-having-facial-care-3738355/

                             ( Photo by Polina Tankilevitch)

What happens to the skin during HIFU?

The HIFU Facial makes use of mature technology. The ultrasound energy causes a rise in temperature in the skin that may damage the facial tissues. In oncology, this rapid heating of tissue causes tissue damage, called necrosis which may seem dangerous, but in HIFU Facial, this damage is the source of the collagen protein. The cellular damage helps in structuring and restoring the younger skin.

Collagen production gives the skin a much younger look by firming facial skin tissues; also, it can remove wrinkles, dryness, fine lines and redness from the skin.

Is there any other use of HIFU Technology?

HIFU Technology in the health sector.

In the past, HIFU got famous because of its use in the medical sector, but now it has diverse applications in many other fields.

Famous for treating cancer, the aestheticians made their first-ever use for skin treatments in 2008.

FDA Approval of HIFU Technology.

Is HIFU technology FDA approved?

Yes, HIFU technology is FDA approved for specific medical treatments like facelifts, anti-aging, brow lifts, and wrinkles of the upper chest for prostate cancer treatment. But it’s not yet FDA-approved for all skin treatments.

Reliability and safety associated with HIFU Technology

Is HIFU technology a safe or reliable treatment, or Does it hurt?

HIFU is a safe and pain-free, non-invasive treatment that does not involve any surgery. Even if it uses ultrasound waves to treat the patients, these rays are mild and don’t penetrate deeper into the skin.

In some instances, patients complain about:

  • Swellings.
  • Redness and blotching in some skin regions. It happens particularly around sensitive areas like the eyes and nose, but it doesn’t last for extended periods.
  • Hyper-pigmentation.
  • Discomforting feelings during the treatment.
  • It can also cause pain and numbness if the ultrasound layers penetrate deeper into the skin.

Here’s a Pro Tip: To avoid these situations, your doctors may suggest you take NSAIDs, Tylenol and Ibuprofen.

Machines used for HIFU treatment.

Is there any machinery usage involved in HIFU Facial Treatments?

It’s a non-surgical treatment, so it’s clear that we don’t need an instrument to insert inside the skin. 

We need specific devices that are best for professional ultrasound wave usage.

Here is the list of devices we can use for the best results:

  • Sygmalift.
  • Ultraformer 3.
  • Ulthera.
  • Hyfu HIFU Facelift.
  • RF Face LegacyLift.

Aftercare is required after getting HIFU Facial for the best possible results.

Do we need any aftercare methods to get the best results?

Usually, People return to their routine after getting the treatment. Still, we recommend some of the aftercare tips that are a must to follow for getting the best results.

  • Try to avoid sun exposure.
  • Avoid alcohol instead; stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Don’t scratch the skin.
  • Don’t do hot baths.

Time required for each HIFU Treatment session and the number of sessions required to get the best results:

What could be the possible duration of each HIFU session?

Each session of HIFU Facial treatment can last for 30 to 90 minutes, and the number of sessions required depends upon the kind of results that a client wants to achieve. 

Usually, 1 to 6 sessions are much for the best possible results.

Here’s the Good news people usually get the desired results within 3-4 months after getting HIFU.

Is HIFU facial treatment suitable for all skin issues, for every skin type and for every age group?

No, it’s not suitable for all types of skin sagging but not for severe skin sagging issues. It’s not a good option for all age groups as well. It’s only suitable for clients above 30 years of age having mild sagging issues.

Cost of HIFU Facial Treatment.

How much can HIFU Facial cost?

The price of HIFU Treatment varies in different parts of the world. Usually, its cost is around $15000-$25000.

With HIFU Ultraformer 3, it can cost around $2000-$5000 in Singapore.

This world has become more like a digital village, and we can find many good things for our future selves.

HIFU Facial treatment is also one of them. We compiled this data for our readers’ help. Now we leave the rest to our readers to decide the best for their skin.

Wish our readers a Happy and positive Skin because that should be the message we should deliver to future generations.

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