Every beautiful lifestyle has a MUST FOLLOW healthy daily routine at its back. If you want to live a happy and successful life, make a habit of roaming around the circle of your healthy living routine. To have a perfect routine you should enlist some of the major things regularly which we will be discussing one by one below. So without wasting any more minute let’s see what those are.


First thing first, Wake up at the earliest you can. This helps in many ways. By waking up early, you can cope up with all the chores of the day early and you get a go “Me-Time”. Addition to it, waking up early gets your immunity 3x than normal, it also enhances your energy. If you Google about the most successful people or watch their interviews, they wake up early. They follow a good healthy daily routine.


Second most important thing which we often ignore or one can say “don’t value” is a magical workout. What?? Did I use the word Magical?? Oh yes! You hear me right. Workout is magical as it boosts your immunity, increases your metabolism, energizes you and helps you in sweating. Sweating leads your fats to degrade. It is also good for heart, muscles, and OFCOURSE your brain. It means it is a good way to achieve a healthy daily routine.

workout for healthy daily routine


Take a good bath after exercise, and have a breakfast like you never had before, like you were starving. BUT HEALTHY. Healthy foods include Yoghurt, Buttermilk, Eggs, oatmeal, bananas, and the list goes on.

Yoghurt is an amazing source of protein; it is rich in calcium and prebiotics which is also good for toddlers and school going children.


It is very much important to take out some time for yourself. In that time, you do everything YOU want to do, it can be playing with paints and colors or following some home remedies for your skin, hair and body. It can be a day at SPA or a day at shopping. It can be anything.


Arranging or organizing your schedule leads to figure out the tasks you are supposed to do in a day/week or however you have planned. Plan everything for the next day so when you wake up you know what you are up to.

Some of the exemplary samples of schedules are mentioned here.


A good healthy daily routine helps you to focus to achieve the targets you have already scheduled in your TO-DO list which increase stress hormones due to which depression gets no chance of coming. Some of the tasks you can organize to achieve a day without depression like swimming, dancing, day out with the loved ones, a call to the most dearest person, and most of all eating healthy (fruits and vegies).

spending some time with loved one for healthy me time

Some of the other steps to have an ideal life are to participate in your house chores, office tasks, college presentations, taking responsibility for the things belong to you. If you have a pet, give it a shower, food, get it vaccine. If you have flower, water them, clean them, Google things how you can protect them. Keep your mobile phone and laptop clean. Take care of your hygiene, visit doctor if you feel like your condition isn’t normal. Take your supplements on time (enlist them as well). And the list goes on.

Every living being has right to live successful and happy life, the only difference is Priority. If you are willing to prioritize yourself, you will definitely follow the steps discussed above. Give yourself respect by having a well scheduled daily healthy routine. Love yourself, because it always starts from YOU.

Note: Pregnant women, students and old people can also manage to have a healthy routine to follow, the can plan accordingly.

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