With the increasing westernization, we have become so artificial that we can agree on spending a lot of money on technology-induced treatments for enhancing our beauty. But these treatments are costly, and not everyone can afford them.

What if we take time from our busy schedules to study older civilizations that made their go-to products and hair care secrets for growing long, shiny, and voluminous hair?

How to maintain the excellent health of external body features?

Internal factors that control our health.

Our body is always affected by how we eat, sleep and organize our habits. These internal factors are essential for maintaining good health and looks. In addition, our lifestyle has a significant role in that.

External factors and hereditary traits.

Apart from the factors mentioned above external environment also play a key role, like U.V Rays and changing weather patterns.

It will not be wrong to mention the role of genes as they are also involved in transferring such beautiful features, but not in everyone’s case. Some people have naturally long, strong, and beautiful hair throughout their lives, no matter what.

Today we are disclosing the hair secrets from all over the globe to turn this reading into a beautiful hair care practicing experience.

Almost every other country in the world has hair secrets passed down generations after generations like a ritual. So we have chosen a few for you.

How are these ancient hair secrets still known to the modern world?

Yes, this is surprising to know that most hair care secrets are still in practice in almost all parts of the world. Some women use these beauty secrets as a part of their cultural heritage to keep up with their traditions and cultural values.

When it comes to women’s health and personal hygiene, some of the older civilizations who tried and developed their unique products for growing healthy and long hair are still the best ones, and no modern treatments and products have the potential to replace them.

Hair beauty complex and need for ancient hair care secrets.

Almost every woman faces this situation at least once in a lifetime when she sees somebody with such beautiful hair that it turns her in awe of how that woman grew such astounding hair? 

Here is a list of countries where women are famous for their centuries-old hair secrets for growing healthy, dark, and silky hair.

Let’s look at how these countries made their exotic hair products learned from their ancestors, which helped them in beauty enhancement that is still a secret to many worldwide.

Japanese hair care secrets.

Japanese hair care secret by maruisays
Japanese Hair care secrets

Let’s see the kind of beauty standards that Japanese women follow for their long, shiny, and healthy hair.

  • Use of camellia oil by Japanese women.

Japanese have been famous for their hair for ages because the secret to their beautiful hair lies in Camellia oil.

  • Source of camellia oil.

Camellia oil extracted from a flower named “Camellia Japonica” contains vitamins A, B, and C and a herbal aroma. Camellia oil comes from an island in Japan having all the essential fatty acids.

  • Benefits of camellia oil.

One of the essential fatty acids, the oleic acid in camellia oil, strengthens the scalp and hair and promotes hair growth in bald people. Camellia oil boosts lock-free and silky smooth hair in Japanese women.

  • How to use Camellia oil to get the best results?

This oil is only beneficial if used from the seeds of camellia japonica flower, without any heat treatment or chemical usage.

The camellia oil is reportedly seen to show great results for glowing complexion when applied to the skin. 

  • Use of Seaweed and Algae for hair loss prevention.

Japanese women also use seaweed and algae for hair loss prevention.

  • Heian period.

Some thousand years ago, in the Heian period (794 to 1192), men and women groomed themselves with their long, shiny straight hairs, applied white powder on their faces, and painted cherry red lips. In the Heian era, women drank a lot of matcha green tea, reportedly very effective for skin and hair.

  • Japanese traditional hair combs.

Japanese women use traditional hair combs for styling and to detangle their hair many times a day.

Every Japanese house has a box filled with handmade customized carved combs.

These combs were used by brides and every other woman in general. 

The frequent combing helped them with shiny and straight hairs, spreading the natural oil produced in the human scalp.

  • Edo period.

After that, there was a period called the Edo period (1603-1867), when they used to tie and pin up their hair in beautiful and attractive styles.

Chinese hair care secrets.

In china, hair care is also a top priority for maintaining good looks, and a few ancient hair care secrets are still in practice in various parts of the country. These secrets even helped modern hair product industries prepare their great products.

  • Rice water is used for hair care.

Chinese use rice water for washing hair to grow them faster and get much longer hair than others who don’t use rice water. 

Chinese user rice water for hair growth in two ways, i.e., fermented and non-fermented rice but either way, the fermented or non-fermented rice water contains antioxidants that help grow healthy long hair. 

The rice water that gets starchy after soaking or cooking for extended periods makes it an essential ingredient for healthy hair growth without any grey hair till their seventies and has the following benefits.

Benefits of rice water.

  1. This rice water has been used since imperial dynasties and contains vitamin B, which promotes natural black pigment in the hair to maintain intense hair color.
  2. The daily use of rice water gives hair the desired length, dark tint, softness, shine, and smoothness with no detangles. 
  3. Antioxidants and minerals in rice water make the hair flexible and floating.
  4.  The amino acid in rice water strengthens the roost of hairs. Although hair can grow on its own, the nutrients in rice water can help it grow even faster than usual.
  5.  Women in china also rice water shampoos for better hair growth for ages. 
rice water for hair care secrets
  • Huanglou village and Guinness Book World Record.

There is a village in China, Beijing, named Huanglou, where women have healthy long, lush hair using revitalizing techniques for better hair growth. Their women have long hair of about 4 ½ feet in length, which made them get it recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. Yes! That’s true.

Even the oldest women in that village still have their long, dark, and shiny black hair, their hair is usually four feet long and free of locks, and they serve as a treat for the eyes.

Their amazing long hair made many tourists visit this beauty in this small village in China. 

Korean hair care secrets

Korean’s hair care secrets include oil, hair scrub, exfoliation techniques, and many others.

  • Oil on the tips.

Koreans use oil only on the tips of the hair and not on the scalp because they believe it can lead to clogged hair follicles.

  • Weekly scalp scrub usage.

Koreans also believe in the weekly use of a scalp scrub for hair nourishment.

  • A unique blend to recover damaged hair.

They mix hair butter, argan oil, and pumpkin seeds to hydrate their damaged hairs and to heal chemically treated hair to reverse their original silkiness and softness.

  • Korean exfoliation techniques.

Koreans also do scalp exfoliation for a cleansed scalp because, in the case of dead skins on the scalp, the hair follicles become even weaker and keep on shedding at a much higher rate than before.

The oil and the debris on the scalp lead to brittle hair and thinner growth in hair.

Sparkling water can also help scalp scaling.

Egyptian hair care secrets

  • Use of Henna for hair care.

In ancient Egypt, almost a millennium ago, men and women used to dye their dark hair red by using a product made from the flowers of a plant named ‘Lawsonia inermis.’

This product called Henna is still famous in various parts of the world among men and women as a natural hair tint. Apart from being famous for dying hair, it works by penetrating dead and damaged hair, reviving their health, and making them thick and shinier than ever.

  • Use of castor oil in Egyptians.

Egyptians applied black castor oil for a healthy scalp, hydrating hair, and most hair growth. 

The oil extracted from black caster beans can help nourish the hair and strengthens the hair follicles.

Indian hair care secrets.

Indian women are very conscious about the health of their hair, and for that, they use Henna.

  • Henna and coffee grounds for hair.

The Indians use Henna with tea leaves and coffee grounds, giving hair a much darker and thicker look.

The henna, when soaked in water turns into a semi solid paste like composition that can be applied to hair and is then left for drying. After sometimes washing hair, we can see a vibrant sheen in the hair.

Naturally made oil for hair care
  • Use of Amla, jasmine oil, coconut, and sunflower oil.

For hair and scalp strengthening and growth, they used oils like sunflower oil, jasmine oil, coconut, and amla oil. These oils not only help in the promotion of hair hydration but also help in the prevention of brittle hair growth. The secret to their thick, lustrous hair lies in the mixture of these oils and vitamin C and E. The antioxidant in amla oil helps in hair thickening and prevents hair graying.

Following the hair care routine using ancient methodology from a young age can save us from intense hair treatments followed by chemicals that lead us to severe hair problems. It is better to take charge of your hair care than to CHARGE.

With all of it, don’t forget to have a great diet and fabulous lifestyle.

Hair loss is common, and we're here to help

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