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French girl beauty is a category itself their unique way of treating one’s skin, hair and overall looking is something many women in the world wish to emulate. So, we reveal the secrets behind the effortless beauty of French women. However,  if the key to the French aesthetic is to look effortless that does not mean it requires no effort. French women know that healthy eating gives you glowing skin, so they know their healthy diet improves their appearance.

Secrets to achieving French beauty

There are some beauty secrets that will help you behind the effortless glow that French beauty has.

1. Hydration

hydrating to achieve french beauty

French women know that hydration is the key off for good skin and good hair. They are preferring drinking water before going to bed and first thing in the morning, so water is the French women’s secret for skin and beauty. They are also avoiding snacks for their health and to control their weight French women wash their hair but not every day they think too much washing can strip your hair.

2. Use of essential oil

essential oil behind french beauty

The effortlessly French women’s essential oils are the secret to the Parisian polished looked. They like to use homemade concoctions made with essential oils on their skin. Essential oils you will find like lavender and carrot seeds do wonders for the skin and help to maintain the youthful appearance of the skin so it also helps in delaying ageing process so you never guess the age of typical French women.

3. Hair care

hair care using right comb by marui says

French hair care is totally different from Americans French girls wash their hair less than others the thing is that scalp produces more oil because we clean it so often French women use shampoos without harmful ingredients like silicones and sulphates switch up their shampoo fairly often. Also, conditioner is applied on ends, not on the roots and they can also go with the leave-in conditioner it leaves your hair silky smooth and well moisturized used air dry gives it an effortlessly tousled look and protects it from heat damage. one of the biggest French hair care secrets Is to ditch you hairbrush cause tear break they use a wide-tooth comb to tame your strands the French way and they are also doing weekly treatments.

4. Facial and body massage

One of the best French beauty rituals can slim and de-age your face quickly Gloria recommends a daily facial massage to drain the lymph nodes to look younger. This process removes the lymph which causes water retention and swelling.

French skin glow due to gentle movements with your hands for a few minutes can get the lymph flowing and free your self-eye bags, dark circles, headaches and even sinus congestion. Also known as shiatsu, pressing gently on the meridian points of the eye area increases circulation and energy flow saying bye to puffiness condition.

They are eating less processed foods avoiding sugar and generally eating clean this vastly improve the appearance of your skin and slow down wrinkle production. French bodies take a hot and cold shower for their toned appearance and to improve their circulation.

They don’t get fat and the forthcoming book, French women don’t get facelifts, says that trench women don’t exercise indoors. French women opt instead for aqua gym and aerobic classes and invisible exercise like little bouts of activity like daily routines like parking from your place and taking stairs.

5. Mask for skin care

For French beauty, good skin is better than hiding behind the mask of makeup. They consider that these habits can have an effect on your skin. Like diet, travel, and environmental factors then apply your French pharmacy favourites like caudally Paris beauty elixir, bioderma Sensibo H2O. Violette’s philosophy is, “we don’t do tons of treatments and fillers but we will do a wonderful facial every week and eat healthily. Some masks used to like David mallet no.1 hydration Leonor greyly masques quintessence and Kerastase resistance masque force architecture.

6. Hot and cold showers

French women take cold showers more than hot ones reason for this is hot showers dry your skin and loosed pores, leading to a faster sign of ageing also a cold shower stimulates blood circulation and helps to keep the skin toned and looked refreshed all the time.

7. Exfoliation method

A lot of French women are going to use exfoliation but very light ones, says Sarps. We all know that exfoliation is excellent, but responsibly it’s a challenge for many women exfoliants like glycolic acid in low concentration are going to help get rid of excess dead skin, also help to brighten skin in practice for usage is to use once in a week, depending on your skin type for dry skin Sarps suggest just once in a week and for oily twice in a week. Some exfoliate like beginners one, overnight and an intermediate one.

8. Fashion of French Women

french fashion marui says

French style is all about finding the right balance between looking and dressed up it is not about obsessed with wearing bold shades, extravagant items, bright colours and expensive pieces its all about choosing great fabric and high quality, timeless and versatile items that all work together. They buy less but buy better discover new brands and keep activewear as gym-only work. A French wardrobe is a collection of versatile, high-quality items that stands for the test of passing fads and seasons.

9. French women used natural products

French women are increasingly reliant on organic and natural products which seem to ensure them. They rely on green (non-synthetic ingredients plant-based organic). There are some impressive scientific achievements for French skincare some skin care products like Avene this brand cult-favourite thermal spring water is a refreshing face mist use after the shower Caudalie is a best seller this clear dark spot and acne scars n lots of women use it to create complexion.

Biodermal is the sensibio H2O micellar water used as the gentle makeup remover. Nuxe uses ingredients with natural origins most popular product Hulie Prodigieues is a nourishing multipurpose dry oil that can be used on the body, hair and face.

La Provencale Bio was created from an olive oil source for skin care products. The founder wanted the products to work for real women, not for those who were born with great skin. The product found in French skin as I mention hyaluronic acid that is naturally found in our skin helps hold water so the product has this acid actually pulls water from the air in our bodies decrease as we get older diet eats veggies that are high in antioxidants the use of glycolic acid made up of small molecules allows to penetrate the skin on a much deeper level than acids with larger molecule so deeper into the skin it brings forth much more effective exfoliation process.

Also, bakuchiol is a plant-derived compound that has the ability to deliver the same kinds of antiaging properties as retinol but without painful skin irritation properties, n has properties like antioxidant anti-inflammatory collagen growth stimulate antiaging vegan.


That’s the secret of the French used natural gentle substances and allow beauty to the shin. The lifestyle of the French is so unique and natural as I mentioned they do not go for artificial things for the enhancement of their skin beauty. All the secrets discussed are beneficial for our healthy skin and beauty.

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