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Face massage tools are trending everywhere it practice around have been centuries. Facial massage are beneficial for the treatment you can do with your own. The technique for stimulating pressure points on the face, neck and shoulders. You can use oil serum or lotion with your massagers tools as well as face massager tools like rollers or guasha in these tools crystal are useful for their cooling and heating properties.  


Face massage tools in vales in relieve tension, smooth aching muscles as well as provides a bit of mental relief. It also help in draining lymphatic fluids to reduce puffiness, eliminates toxin from the skin. It become more clear and improve blood circulation there are different type of massager tools as given below


Guasha is a technique used in traditional east Asian medicine. According the study, guasha moves energy none as qi or chi around the body guasha to recommends that looking fit well in your hand guasha utilize a solution ( face oil Vaseline or water) and smooth material jade plates, metal plates and spoons stimulate a specific area of the body. It is important to go in upward and out word direction only to press lightly by gliding over facial oil. Guasha improves the fine lines and wrinkles. It also promote the lymphatic drainage by eliminates fluid build up which going to reduce your puffiness.


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Jade rollers is a beauty to use for a facial massage, jade rollers is an ancient Chinese beauty ritual it includes in lymphatic drainage in which transport fluid and filter toxin it also involves in tighter looking puffiness skin in this process line down for long period cause fluid to collect in a soft tissue of the face lightly to use  puffiness in eating process make you thirsty as you eat sodium food you become more thirsty and collect fluid in your body including face so massaging face and neck exclude fluid and toxin into lymphatic channel and stimulate the lymph nodes to drain it away it also improve circulation and decrease puffiness in this better product for absorption applying a serum or moisturizer before using jade roller.


Face rollers are tools that some people used to massage the face include variety of material such as crystal including jade, rose quartz and amethyst from believes that amethyst bring clarity to a clouded vision and relief the stress and strain a associated with life that is misaligned to our purpose  amethyst roller is design to massage the face for increasing micro circulation, cooling calming the skin specially for those with acne flare it emits infrared rays skin temperature to increase circulation it also calm inflammation and redness and nourishes skin cells.


Roller can be find in variety with different stones and crystal. Rose quartz stone is famed of its warm, heating properties. The gemstone is connected with the heart chakra due to its ability to help stabilize and sort the emotional patterns of our whole being. The rose quartz design in the style of small rolling pin or roller paintbrush and features a cylindrical shaped rose quartz gemstone as its rollers. Rose quartz roller promotes the relaxation and reduces anxiety and stimulate blood flow medicines confirm that a facial massage roller specially one powered by mechanical stimulation effectively increase the skin blood flow given your face also stimulate lymphatic drainage.


Face gyms touts it self as a fitness class for your face. It works that you should flex and tones the forty plus muscles in your face as you do these rest of  body in order to achieve tighter for lifting counters. In this facial muscles stimulation works to keep the muscles firm and skin type it also stimulate the most protein for keeping the face looking young in collagen help in the formation of new skin cell and find kind reduction face gyms inspire by traditional guasha. Face gym pro is a next generation of sculpting uses high strength electric muscles stimulations to reach a deeper level than most of micro current devices.


FOREO BEAR marui says

This is a Micro current device handled electronic gadget that have to mettle spheres on them . Micro current in that a weak flow of electricity so weak that generally would not be able to feel it. There’re lot of benefit of micro current devices in which tightens and smooth skin tones, counters and lift face more define cheek pone and jawline. Also boosts collagen and elastin reduce fine line and wrinkles boost circulations and decrease puffiness. In micro current devices muscles are increase and much visible and that effect will longer. In this when you exercise your muscles you put it under strain and this strain s signals to the body ( through the combination of tension and microscopic damage and metabolic stress) and it needs to produce more protein and muscle to deal with extra work.


Massage is believe to give benefits in term of pressing and rubbing and manipulating your skin muscles tendons  and ligaments. Massage give you benefits in terms to reduce stress and increasing relaxation reducing pain and muscle and soreness and tension. It also improves circulation energy and alertness lower your blood pressure by using these tools..

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