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Eye Tattoo | Trend of Tattooing

Eye tattoos meaning is a complex and deeply interesting subject often linked to protection from evil spirits, guidance, and truth. With an association to spirituality and higher consciousness mixed in it, the eye symbol traces back to Ancient Egyptians and other cultures. This involves injecting ink directly into your eye ball also called sclera tattoos. This unique tattooing uses often vibrant color ink injected under the conjunctiva (aka the clear membrane on the front of your eye) and over the sclera (the whites of your eyes). In order to stain the area around the cornea a new hue, recipient of this kind of ink have essentially chemically dyed their eyeballs colors like purple, blue, or yellow. A cosmetic tattoo ink contains less of a metal base, which is the component that allows ink to permanently adhere like eyeliner tattoos.

Eyeliner Tattooing

Eyeliner tattoo is great semi-permanent solution for women with vision impairment, allergies, and active lifestyles, smudging lashes or just can’t be putting it on daily with the latest techniques, there is no downtime, minimal swelling and little no to pain.

Benefits of Eyeliner tattooing

Eyeliner tattooing enhances the eyes without the use of liquids liners and pencils simply put will make your eyes pop the procedure also helps to improve appearance of light colored o missing lashes this not only save you time each morning but you will also have a ton of money eyeliner products.


At arch Angels NYC, their popular Angel Wing Liner involves depositing hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the dermal layer of the skin using ultra-thin needle the procedure typically takes 2.5 hours. We begin by numbing the skin and drawing the shape of the liner, says Beneche then we use a digital machine to pixelate the pigment into the skin we repeat this method to confirm the pigment stays unlike the traditional eyeliner and brow tattoos, pigments used for permanent makeup do not penetrate as deeply into the skin layer.

Eyeliner Tattoo Styles

There are different types of eyeliner styles you can choose between along with extra trendy options such as wings

  • Eyelash enhancement is a super subtle application. It is an act of two different ways as either thin line that does not leave the lash area or as a dot next to each lash this eyelash lash younger and thicker.
  • Thin eyeliner this give you natural look it’s a great option for those that want thin eyeliner, with the option of building it up further with makeup.
  • Medium-width eyeliner is perfect for women who wear makeup every day and want look that makes their eye bold relatively natural.
  • Thick eyeliner is not for everyone it is for those who wear thick makeup and eyeliner daily this will you bold permanently bold eyeliner look
  • Winged

Wings are more trendy style but you need to be very careful about doing wings about doing wings there is ‘no go’ zone where glands are located on the inner and outer edge of the eye if you tattoo this area because of the small molecules in the pigment, it is possible to get migration of color and spreading, which is very bad and impossible to remove wings are to maintain as your eyes change with edge.

Eyeball Tattooing                           

How did Eye Tattoos Comes?

The procedure was the creation of over a decade ago by celebrity modifier Luna Cobra and the late Shannon Larratt, who founded the first extensive modification digital publication. In essence, the technique used for the scleral tattooing is similar. However, ink is injected for aesthetic and cosmetic reasons, rather than the medical purposes. Its development hundreds of modification enthusiasts have successfully received a sclera tattoo from Cobra.

Sclera Tattooing

Sclera eye tattooing, is the tradition of inking the sclera or white part of the human eye  the color is not inserted into the human eye, but admist two layers of the eye, adhere it widens out over a wide area also referred to as episcleral,  sub-conjunctival, or eyeball tattooing, is a more recent form of eye tattooing that falls under the realm of extreme body modifications, with the first reports coming in 2007.7 tattoo ink is injected using fine gauge needles under the conjunctiva into the episclera tissues, sclera performed by non-medical persons, most often tattoo artists or body modifiers sclera tattoo performed by a medical professional, which with done on an ophthalmic socket for cosmetic reason people who go for Eyeball tattoo must be aware that procedure is not as simple as it sounds.

Corneal tattooing

Corneal tattooing (also called an eye tattoo) is the latest trend of eye tattooing in the cornea of the eye. The reason that many people get this done is because of the aesthetic look and probable improvement of eyesight too. Many different methods are used to get Eyeball tattoo along with different safety and concern option that determines the success of this process. The corneal tattooing is also performed. It select cases for aesthetic or functional purposes. It is used for aesthetic purposes in who can’t use cosmetic contact lenses, and for functional purposes to improve visual quality with iris problems.

Corneal Tattooing surgery

The corneal tattooing surgery only takes 10 to 15 minutes to dye which lasts for three to four years. This varies said Dr Mohan, talking about the process, different methods exist today for the purpose generally, in most procedure, the dyeing agent is applied directly to the cornea. The physician then inserts the needles into the eye to inject the dye in the eye but incase of minimum problem in eyes.

Cosmetic Purposes

One of the prime reasons for corneal tattoos is to alter the appearance of eye in a cosmetic way. Usually, the need for this kind of alteration might stem from corneal opacity. Corneal opacity is the one that occurea from carrying off the corneal that creates an opaque or semi-transparent area of the eye. It can be caused by several reasons like leucoma, keratitis or cataract. Tattooing the cornea of the eye can alter discoloration, blending an opacity into normal eye color most agree that procedure must be performed only for those who have lost their vision and cannot expect to recover from it.

Optical purposes

Corneal tattooing is completed when it might better eyesight according to many studies done by famous physicians, suggestion for the treatment involved albinism, keratoconus etc.

Are eye ball tattoos are Permanent?

These tattoos are permanent don’t fade over time and will remain in your eye for lifetime as compared to skin tattoos are considered permanent but you can remove them.

The bottom line

Under eyes tattoos may seem like great way to conceal dark circles without a regular makeup regimen, but there’s not much evidence to support any long-term risk or benefits of this trending cosmetic procedure as some experts point out, matching your skin tone can be tricky, even for a qualified professional in that your result will fade over time and you could notice discoloration.

General Risk and Management

The general risk of eye ink include decreased vision, retinal detachment, inflammation, sensitivity to light, the feeling of something being in your eyes at all times, even loss of eye. Even if you manage to get an eye tattoo without any damage, the coloring makes it harder for doctors to examine the health of your eye in the future.


Cosmetic eyeliner tattoo can be great. It saves time and really makes your eyes and face look fresh and pop it as well. Eye ball tattooing like corneal is save for vision and medications otherwise goes wrong so it will be risky. It is important to consider carefully will work best for in terms of style and color always uses a highly experiences technician for you need and comfort.

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